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While mobile data addresses the need for urban broadband wireless, operators and service providers have struggled to achieve business case objectives with fixed broadband wireless access. This problem is even more evident in areas of low population density where traditional mobile solutions are sub-economic, as they do not achieve economies of scale required. Bridging the digital divide has become a major challenge in many countries and the provision of data connectivity to rural communities, schools and clinics has largely failed with 3G and 4G technologies.

MIMOtech developed a solution to address this need using a combination of existing and customized technologies to create the StarGate (Point to Multipoint) and StarLink (Point to Point) family of products. These solutions target the need for cost-effective fixed broadband wireless access and backhaul in both rural and urban deployments.

System Overview - StarGate and StarLink Series

The StarGate is a high-capacity, point-to-multipoint fixed wireless access system consisting of a central Base Station that in turn consists of 1 to 4 Base Station Sectors, which provides services to a number of remote Subscriber Stations. Each Access Point can provide up to 150Mbps full duplex IP traffic to Subscriber Stations. Each AP can connect up to 120 Subscriber Stations. The StarGate uses an advanced adaptive Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) protocol to achieve unsurpassed performance.

Specifically designed for the harshest environments, this robust system is built on field-proven technology and designed to last in rural remote areas. Extremely low power consumption and All Outdoor Radio (AODR) construction make this product ideal for deployment in remote areas with low infrastructure levels and limited primary power available. Optional GPS synchronization eliminates Sector-to-Sector interference and optimizes spectrum usage. The system supports a variety of network and end-user interfaces, with a reach of up to 30 kilometers from the central station. The system achieves a maximum throughput of 150Mbs if one subscriber is connected and 1.2Mbps if all 120 subscribers are connected.

The StarLink family makes use of the same technology applied in a point-to-point fashion to provide last-mile access and backhaul.

The StarGate and StarLink systems are capable of delivering broadband services like voice over IP, video applications as well Internet and data services. They can easily be internetworked with other networks like the PSTN, ATM, Frame-Relay and Mobile networks to provide a complete communications solution. Figure 1 shows a basic point-to-multipoint configuration interconnecting with various transport technologies.

Data Sheet:

StarGate / StarLink 3.5 GHz