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Complementary to our competitive Wireless Broadband Solutions, BST offers System Engineering capabilities, Project Management and Support services. Our team of experienced wireless professionals manages the following Services:

System Engineering

A wireless solution is viewed as a single component of a larger system, comprising various elements from interdisciplinary fields of engineering. System Engineering principles is applied to design and manage complex engineering projects over their life cycles. Issues such as reliability, logistics, coordination of different teams (requirement management), evaluation measurements, and other disciplines become more difficult when dealing with large, complex projects. Work-processes, optimization methods, and risk management tools are applied within the System Engineering process to execute such projects.

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Network Design

Network topology and wireless solution design. This design is driven by the customer's requirements for connectivity, bandwidth, services and current infrastructure. This includes:

  • Define interface between wireless network and customer network equipment. (Aspects addressed include layer 2 and 3 interface standards, routing protocols)
  • Services required (e.g. VLAN, VoIP, encryption)
  • Define size of network (number of subscribers on network and area to be covered)
  • Capacity requirements per subscriber

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Radio Planning

This planning encompasses several aspects including:

  • Link Planning with digital terrain models (TDMs) to ensure link. performance with desired throughput, frequency band, antenna positioning
  • Radio Frequency planning including channel selection and known interferer analysis.
  • Point to Multipoint coverage analysis with optional subscriber parenting confirmation. This depends on availability/precision of DTMs and clutter data in the target design geographical area.

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Project Scoping and Project Management

BST offers a project definition and scoping service to cover the following aspects:

  • Define Scope of Work for the Project based on new requirements versus existing infrastructure.
  • Development of User Requirements and System Definition.
  • Formulate the Work Breakdown Structure and Responsibility Matrix for the Project.
  • Development of Project Plan
  • Project Management of the Project, i.e. coordination of all activities to ensure the successful implementation of projects.

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Implementation Services are offered on a per-project basis to execute turn-key projects. Services provided include:

  • Project Management.
  • Contract management.
  • Development of Installation Guidelines for network (or system) roll-out.
  • Site surveys, detail site design and site preparation (poles, masts, power systems, equipment accommodation, etc.)
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Prepare as-built documentation.

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Training Courses

BST offers a range radio planning, implementation and support training courses. Typical training courses syllabus covers areas such as:

  • Radio network overview
  • Basic principles Radio Frequency(RF) propagation and wireless communication.
  • Introduction to the Overview Course
  • Covers introduction to the StarGate/StarLink product family.
  • Installation, configuration and operation of radio products.
  • Basic fault finding and network support.

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Network Support

BST supports a variety of network support strategies to comply with specific customer’s needs. Support offered may include one or more of the following elements:

  • O-Level : Training to customer’s operational staff and telephonic support
  • I-Level : Direct field support (fault finding and replacement of fault equipment) or telephonic support to customer’s field support teams.
  • D-Level : Repair and/or replacement of faulty radio equipment and specialist support network integration problems.

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