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BST’s business is to engineer, supply, service and support broadband wireless access products, solutions and services for Network Operators, Municipalities, Government Organizations and private organizations/users who wish to provide multimedia, voice and internet services at an affordable price. We achieve this through an extensive distribution network of Value Added Resellers (VARs).

BST offers a range of solutions designed, developed and assembled in South Africa as well as equipment from international partners. Our sister company, MIMOtech, provides key technology developments around the StarGate, StarLink and StarBurst products.

The solutions offered are built around a newly released product range known as the Mark-II version of the StarGate (point to multipoint) and the StarLink (point to point) microwave radios. These products are the second generation of an environmentally engineered solution targeted in the mainly rural areas. The products have equal appeal in the professional wireless and rural broadband spaces as they have been integrated into an innovative, rugged and competitive package allowing for simple installation, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

In addition to the very competitive Wireless Broadband Solutions, BST offers System Engineering capabilities, Project Management skills and After-sales service. System Engineering services include network design, radio planning, project scoping and implementation services.