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Application Examples

  • Schools Project – South Africa
  • In January 2008 BST, as part of the SMMT consortium, was contracted to design, supply and roll out a large Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) for the Gauteng Department of Education to provide internet access to all the schools in the Province.

    The network consists of 2,400 schools that are provided with Internet connectivity and IP services by more than 100 Base Stations. The wireless access layer operates in the 2.3GHz, licensed band. The associated aggregation network consists of a terrestrial backhaul network using SDH and PDH microwave links. This network is augmented by a secondary VSAT network and covers most of the Gauteng Province.

    The Backbone Infrastructure stretches from beyond Soshanguve in the North, to the Vereeniging area in the South. It covers the entire Soweto and Springs area as well, with the central Data Centre in Centurion.

    BST developed a unique solution, using a mesh principle, to provide in excess of 2 Mbps (typical speeds of 5 Mbit/s) to each of 2,400 schools with only 20MHz bandwidth available.

    Schools Network Solution

    Project Extent showing schools, backhaul and base-stations

    LSN Site Pic and School Subscriber Unit Pic

Measurements of Success

The project phases have been successfully delivered to plan and the network has made a large contribution to education in the Greater Gauteng area. The project serves as a good model for school Data and Internet connectivity on a large scale using wireless – covering both high-density and low-density requirements.