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Broadband Solutions Technology (BST) is a South African company founded in 2003 to provide wireless solutions and services in niche broadband wireless markets. Our headquarters are in Pretoria, Gauteng.

The BST team jointly gained many years of experience from various sectors of the South African electronics and defence industries. This experience was gained through the design and development of advanced RF and Microwave systems and software as well as the project management, implementation and operation of these systems in the harshest environments.

BST's business is to design and implement project solutions that provide broadband wireless access to Network Operators, Municipalities, Government Organizations and private organizations/users who wish to connect multimedia, voice and internet services over a wireless network at an affordable price.

BST offers a range of solutions designed, developed and assembled in South Africa as well as equipment from international partners. MIMOtech, provides key technology developments around the StarGate, StarLink and StarBurst Lite products.

In addition to the very competitive Wireless Broadband Solutions, BST offers System Engineering capabilities, Project Management skills and After-sales service. System Engineering services include network design, radio planning, project scoping, project management and implementation services.

BST is therefore proud to offer world-class solutions designed and developed and serviced in Africa for Africa to African Telecommunications operators, ISP's and private organizations.

Our Mission

BST provides affordable, state of the art communication solutions for terrestrial fixed broadband wireless access and backhaul to customers in selected African and international markets. The solutions are optimized for cost-effectiveness and are engineered for urban and rural environments.

Major Projects and Latest Product Developments

Broadband Solutions Technology (BST) completed the design and installation of a fixed wireless access (FWA) network connecting 1,600 rural and urban schools in South Africa using the first generation StarGate Fixed Wireless Access system. The network covers an area of 10,000 Square kilometers and was completed in August 2011.

The experience gained during this project led to the development of a next generation solution, the StarGate Mk-II Point to Multipoint and Point to Point systems. Factors such as the failure of WiMAX to deliver the promised performance as well as the unrealistic cost associated with the base station and back office infrastructure all contributed to the development criteria motivating the development of the BST MK-II product range.